Chapter 560 Bianca Is Always Loved!

The atmosphere instantly became tense. Bella felt her life flashing before her eyes the instant she saw Luke appear. However, there was no turning back for her. She braced herself and said, "Mr. Crawford, I really saw Bianca cheating. I was sitting behind her, and I saw everything…" "Is that so?" His icy gaze fell on Bella's face. Bella was stricken by panic when she saw that bloodshot gaze. Bella thought that Mr. Crawford had given up on Bianca after the humiliation she put him through at the engagement ceremony! After that, Mr. Crawford was rumored to be dating Leia Norman, and they were even one step away from being engaged… That was why Bella thought that Bianca had left A City. She had never seen Bianca appear next to Mr. Crawford for a long time… The woman next to Mr. Crawford during that period had always been Mavis. She had even seen her boss going out to dinner with Mavis on several separate occasions. That was why she thought that Mavis had replaced Bianca as

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