Chapter 563 He Was Stripping Her With His Gaze!

When Scarlett saw Jim, her grip on Simon's hand became tighter, and her clear eyes were fraught with unease. She even timidly hid behind the little boy, even though his height only reached her thigh. Jim was angry when he saw how Scarlett was trying to avoid him. However, he was not going to lose his temper in front of everyone, and so he glared at his precious son. Simon grinned at his father and clung to Scarlett's leg as though he was claiming dominance over her. At that moment, Jim had the urge to toss his son into the lake! However, he was also frustrated seeing how Scarlett was not keen to get close to him. His eager gaze was transfixed on her body, as though he was going to strip her clothes away with his eyes! Scarlett averted his hungry gaze and tried to strike up a conversation with Bianca to alleviate the awkward atmosphere. The two women standing together was a charming sight, even though they were pregnant. They were beautiful in different ways. Bianc

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