Chapter 538 Taste Of Your Own Medicine!

Suddenly, a sharp dagger was held to Leia's delicate cheek. She grabbed the corner of her clothes in a panic. She was terrified! Leia pushed down her fear, stammering, "Luke… Luke, what are you doing? Knives are… too dangerous… Can you please… Please keep it away from me..." The man in front of her was still handsome and absolutely incomparable, but the look on his face when he looked at her reflected hate and disgust. Leia's vision was blurry now. She felt like her chest had been pierced by a needle, causing her intense pain! Luke hated her. That was unacceptable to her. She could tolerate Luke's indifferent attitude, but not his hatred and dislike. "I didn’t think you’d know fear, Ms. Norman. I thought you were fearless? When you publicly attempted suicide in front of the media, why didn't you cut a little deeper? You disgust me! Leia, for Mr. Norman's sake, I chose to close one eye to your previous evil deeds, but I didn't expect that you woul

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