Chapter 537 Teaching Leia A Lesson!

Looking at Luke's expression, one could tell that the identity of the mastermind was exactly the person that was on his mind. Luke's handsome face seemed to be shrouded in a layer of ice. A silent storm was brewing in his eyes. 'All those accidents that befell Bianca! 'To think that she was so close to me! 'This is such a horrible feeling!' Luke carefully tucked Bianca into the blanket. He gazed upon her pale face, and he was awash with guilt. He had promised Bianca safety and happiness, but he seemed to have failed. Bianca had suffered multiple times when she was with him. Luke's anger flared in his eyes when he thought of how the snakes had almost bitten her and the bright red blood that flowed from between her legs. Even his fingertips were trembling from anger. He would not forgive the person who had harmed his woman, no matter how powerful that person's background might be! A long while later, Luke turned around and ordered Johann, "Take care of your Sis." Joha

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