Chapter 536 Luke’s Hostility Grew!

Luke thought that he had seen the same trick before. He remembered the berserk Persian cat when they were in Blue Honors. Both incidents were very similar, and he could not help but feel suspicious. "Boss, these snakes aren't native to the country. Someone must have smuggled them in through the black market," Jason analyzed calmly. Luke narrowed his eyes, and a cold smile appeared on his face. "Contact Percy Mallory and ask him for his help. He should be able to find the source of the snakes and the details of the transaction." He could roughly guess who the mastermind was, but he did not have solid evidence yet. Once he could confirm that the mastermind was the same person in his mind, he would not spare them any mercy! … The media reported heavily on the news about the appearance of venomous snakes in La Fontaine Mansions. La Fontaine Mansions was a development project under T Corporation. It was an elite low-density neighborhood, and each of the mansions cost tens of

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