Chapter 539 That B*tch Got What She Deserves!

Hospital. Bianca was thinking about how she had been stuck in the hospital for a while... She had just recovered from her leg injury from the car accident. Shortly after, she was attacked by poisonous snakes, which almost caused her to have a miscarriage. She had been with Luke for so long that she noticed a pattern. Every time she was in danger, it was indirectly or directly related to him. "Bea, are you and the CEO incompatible? Before you got together with him, you lived a carefree life. You were safe and were rarely sick. However, after the two of you got together, you were scratched by a cat, hit by a car, and this time, you were bitten by a poisonous snake... Oh my God, why are bad things happening to you?!" Nina passed the fruit puree into Bianca's hands. She could not believe it! "I think so too." Sue waddled over and handed Bianca an outdated magazine. "Look, since you got together with the CEO, you’ve been the star of the news a couple of times now. T

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