Chapter 524 Bianca Is My Weakness!

When Leia looked at Luke's icy gaze and heard the whispers among the guests, she realized that the man was not joking! No one would make such a tasteless joke at their own engagement ceremony. Leia's face turned pale at an instant. She did not expect that sudden turn of events at all. She was expecting bliss, but it turned out to be ridicule. All her hope had turned into despair! She stiffly lifted her dress, walked in front of Luke, and begged him softly, "Luke, we've never quarreled or fought. If there's a problem, treat it as all my fault. If you don't like any aspect of me, I'll change for you, alright? Don't call off the engagement. After we're engaged, you can do anything you want. Please… there are so many guests and media reporters here. I don't know what they'd say. Can't you spare some dignity for me and my family?" Leia had a pitiful expression as she stared at Luke. Tears were almost falling from her eyes. She admitted that she loved the man in an undignifie

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