Chapter 523 Queenie Was Angry, Frustrated, and Distressed

Like a proud princess, Leia held Luke's elbow and walked along the soft red carpet into the hall. All the guests were gathered there. Luke smiled elegantly and nodded at the people who greeted him. He pressed his lips in response to the congratulatory messages, but there was a hint of mockery in his smile. Countless cameras captured the loving scene, bearing witness to the union of the two influential families. The Crawford and Norman families sat at separate tables. Every one of them was joyous. Old Master Crawford, dressed in a navy blue suit, seemed to be in good spirits. The joy on his face was evident. Originally, he had thought that his grandson would not proceed with the engagement after negotiations failed. That had made him unreasonably angry. He was a control freak. He even thought of resorting to underhanded means so that his grandson would comply. To him, a union of the Crawford and Norman families could only bring them benefits. He would not allow Luke to

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