Chapter 522 That Made Bianca Even More Surprised!

Bianca carefully observed Luke. His sculpted face was handsome and exquisite, his bewitching eyes were narrow and icy, and he exuded a unique masculine charm. That face undoubtedly belonged to Luke Crawford. Bianca would never forget that face. However, Bianca wondered why that familiar face would give her such an unfamiliar sensation. Luke also stared at Bianca without saying a word. His gaze was profound as it landed on her fair and petite face. The man was Gordan Norton, who had disappeared for the past few months. He was currently wearing the same face as Luke Crawford, and he was observing Bianca and the two children in the mansion with some interest. "Luke?" Bianca asked doubtfully when she saw that he did not say anything. Her instincts told her that something was not quite right about the man. "Luke" reflexively touched his face and smiled ambiguously when he saw Bianca's shocked gaze upon him. "Mm," he replied. The two children did not notice anything strange a

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