Chapter 521 There Will Be A Massive Storm

Bianca had never seen Luke being embarrassed. She could not help but take a dig at him. "I expected that you'd be an ace student since you're young, but…" She shifted her gaze onto the test papers with single-digit scores. The two children covered their mouths and giggled as they looked at their father. They had never seen such low grades before. In kindergarten, the lowest-scoring student in their class at least had a double-digit score. They had never seen a single-digit score before. "Daddy, Big Bro and I both scored 100 marks in the test last week. We always get 100 marks!" Rainie looked at her father smugly as she chewed on gummy candy. "Daddy, Mommy says that you have a doctorate from Harvard University. Why are your grades so bad? You even left this essay blank…" Lanie pointed at Luke's writing test and looked at him slyly. "That's because you've never seen what I can do when I work really hard. When I got to high school, I'm always at the top of my grade, and no

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