Chapter 525 Luke Was Brought Away!

After the people from the Norman family left, the media reporters flocked to Luke. They bombarded him with questions, and their cameras did not stop flashing! "Mr. Crawford, will the cancellation of the engagement today negatively affect the relationship between the Crawford and the Norman families?" "Mr. Crawford, it goes without saying that you are the perfect match for Ms. Norman. What is the real reason for the cancellation of the engagement?" "Mr. Crawford, T Corporation will be launching a series of products soon. Aren't you worried that the cancellation might affect its sales?" The reporters shoved their microphones in Luke's face. Their cameras accurately captured his expression. Luke loosened his tie, and his Adam's apple moved. The impatience on his sculpted face was evident. His grandfather had passed out. He was not in the mood to deal with all the reporters. He shot an icy gaze toward the reporters that were taking his photos. Instantly, everyone fell silen

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