Chapter 494 When He Saw Queenie, He Thought That He Saw Bianca

Leia held her breath as she waited for Luke to give his reply. She was afraid that he might say no. He was her poison, and there was no cure. Luke did not expect Old Mrs. Norman to ask that direct question. A hint of contemplation appeared on his gentlemanly face. He skillfully deflected the question. "Old Mrs. Norman, Leia and I have only just started dating. Our personalities are very different, and it will take a while for us to adjust to each other. However, now that we've agreed to be together, I'll treat her the best I can. Marriage is a serious matter. Of course, I'll bring her to meet my family when the time is right. Old Mr. and Mrs. Norman nodded satisfactorily. Leia smiled modestly when she heard his answer. Her face was like a tulip in full bloom. The man had publicly acknowledged their relationship. It was like a dream. "Grandpa, Grandma, I'll bring Luke around." After getting their tacit approval, Leia's delicate arms went around Luke's arm. She lifted her

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