Chapter 495 A Wave of Destructive Anger Surged Within Luke

Queenie stared at Luke from head to toe. Her gaze was as sharp as radar, but she could not help but be impressed by the young man's outstanding character. Unlike the other males present at the party, Luke was dressed casually in a white shirt and black pants. Even so, that did not diminish his noble demeanor. The man's body seemed to emanate a cold air, telling everyone to stay away, but at the same time, his charm was irresistible. His overbearing demeanor was a stark contrast from his spotless appearance. No wonder women would be obsessed by his looks. However, that did not mean that he could deceive her daughter. At that moment, Leia was blinded by love. She thought that by gaining Luke's affection, she had gained the world. Queenie could not see a single trace of affection in Luke's eyes. "Mrs. Norman." After Luke got over the shock of how Queenie looked similar to Bianca, he walked over and greeted her. Leia was still hugging his arm, and he rested his hand in his

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