Chapter 493 Queenie’s Heart Skipped A Beat When She Saw Them

A City in the evening was as bustling as usual. The luxury car drove on the road at a moderate speed. Luke would be sending Leia home personally. The man's side profile was impeccable. He waited at the traffic light without saying a word. As Leia looked out of the window at the crossroad traffic, her lips were curled upward in secret delight. It was only about an hour's drive from Crawford Manor to the Norman residence. Even so, she was happy to be with Luke even for one minute. Luke's hands were on the steering wheel as he waited patiently for the traffic light to turn green. He looked straight ahead. "I wonder what your grandmother likes, Ms. Norman. I didn't have much time to prepare her present, so I plan to give her a genuine Rousseau painting from my collection. I hope she will like it." Leia said gently, "My Grandma is the same as Grandpa; they both like to collect famous paintings. She'll definitely love your present. Thank you for attending Grandma's birthday party

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