Chapter 492 The Two Children Did Not Show Her Any Courtesy!

Leia felt disappointed when she saw that Allison could not open Luke's room door. She hid away the mockery in her eyes and put on an empathetic expression. "Looks like Luke is a cautious person, and he really doesn't like any strangers entering his private space. Moreover, I'm not his girlfriend yet, and I don't think I should intrude upon him. Otherwise, Luke would be angry if he finds out. I don't mind him being angry with me, but I'd feel guilty if he blames you." "You're right, Leia. When you become Luke's fiancée, he would bring you into his room even without me telling him. I'll eagerly wait for that day to come," Allison said with a smile. The more she interacted with Leia, the more she thought that the young woman was the ideal daughter-in-law. 'Look at her. She's not married to Luke yet, but she's always considerate of her future mother-in-law. 'It would be great if I have such an obedient daughter-in-law that sides with me.' Leia continued to ask, "Aunt Allison, h

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