Chapter 491 She’s Already Mrs. Crawford Except By Name

Mavis stayed in the hospital ward for some time. The indulgent way Luke treated Bianca suffocated Mavis! Eventually, she left the hospital ward, carrying her jealousy and hatred with her. After Mavis left, Sue, Tom, and Nina arrived one after another bearing presents. They greeted Luke, then asked Bianca how she felt. They felt somewhat awkward with their boss's overbearing demeanor present. Seeing that his presence caused unease in his employees, Luke excused himself, saying that he had to smoke. He would give some space for Bianca's colleagues. "How did you suddenly end up in a car crash? It's so serious, too." Nina asked while holding Bianca's hand. She was unhappy as she looked at Bianca's leg in a bulky cast. "It was an accident. I got hit when I was crossing a road. I'm fine now, don't worry." Bianca had trivialized the car crash that had almost claimed her life, so that her colleagues would not have to worry about her. Sue was pregnant with twins for six month

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