Chapter 470 As Long As Luke Trusts Her

Bianca rubbed her temples. She realized that she was in an unfamiliar place. The bedroom was spacious, and in front of the bed was a large floor-to-ceiling window that showcased the beautiful scenery outside. She could not help but open the window as she looked at the sea of flowers. The cherry trees were in full bloom. The blossoms were as white as snow, and the fragrance was thick in the air. The place was more beautiful than the peach garden Luke brought her last time. However, Bianca was not in the mood to appreciate it. She must have offended the Crawford family by rejecting Luke's proposal yesterday. Not only was the Crawford family angry, but her grandfather and aunt must be very sad too. They must think that she was immature. However, she had no other choice… Just when her brain was in a mess, her phone suddenly started ringing. It was Nina. Bianca answered the call. Nina started rambling worriedly, "Have you scrolled through your Twitter feed today, Bea? Ma

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