Chapter 469 The Twins Had Tears In Their Eyes and Dared Not Cry

Wanda was furious when she heard what Allison said. How could she tolerate her respected father and her beloved niece insulted like that? She stood up immediately and said, "What do you mean by that, Mrs. Crawford? Even if you don't forgive Bianca, you don't have to insult her that way! How could you say those words to someone older than you, even though our families aren't related by marriage yet? I respected you because you are Luke's mother, but I didn't expect you to have such poor character. "You saw that we're a poor family, but how about you, Mrs. Crawford? Oh, I don't think that title suits you. The real Mrs. Crawford is Madam Susan Armstrong. She is the woman that is legally married to Luke's father, and you are nothing but a mistress. You're abusing the support that Luke has for you. Do you feel proud that way? How much more noble can you be compared to us?" Wanda was an outstanding woman. With her abilities, she had married her ex-husband and managed a major corporat

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