Chapter 471 Surprise! It’s Actually Luke Crawford!

Blue Honors. Charmaine walked into a VIP private room, dressed in the most beautiful and most expensive clothes and shoes that she got from Leia. She got to know from a friend that Mr. Ford, an internationally renowned director, intended to shoot a movie with a hundred-million-dollar budget using only actors with no previous screen experience. That friend knew Mr. Ford's producer, and that was why she recommended Charmaine. After looking at Charmaine's photo, Mr. Ford decided to give her a chance in an audition. Charmaine found out that Mr. Ford had reserved a private room in Blue Honors, and her friend had somehow gotten an invitation for her. She was so happy that she was losing her mind. She arrived at Blue Honors with the invitation card. She wanted to show her face to Mr. Ford. The director might even make an exception for her if he was charmed by her voluptuous figure. "Mr. Ford…" Before she stepped through the door, Charmaine's seductive voice was heard. She

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