Chapter 423 She Immediately Felt Like She Had Fallen Into An Ice Hole!

Bianca and Luke were still immersed in the sweetness of love. On the other hand, Leia spent the day miserably. In a hotel. Leia was naked as she looked at the man next to her on the big bed, also naked and fast asleep. Her eyes slowly blazed with hatred! Wayne Blatt! The man's sudden appearance disrupted all her plans, and he used her nude photos to blackmail her, forcing her to suffer all kinds of unmentionable pleasure. She dared not and could not refuse. Once Wayne published those unflattering nude photos, she would become the laughing stock of A City's socialite circle, and her career in the entertainment industry would come to an abrupt end. Even though her adoptive father was the Provincial Committee Secretary, Leia dared not risk her future. Leia silently slipped out of bed and instantly felt a searing pain in a certain part of her body. She muttered a curse under her breath, hating Wayne a little more. The man was a lunatic who knew nothing of tenderness or restraint

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