Chapter 424 Bianca's Little Face Was Blushing Slightly

Leia stared intently at the unkempt homeless man. Even though he was dirty and looked very haggard, there was something strangely familiar about his face. She felt as if she knew him... Leia's hands trembled as she met his clouded and sordid eyes. She suddenly remembered her long-buried past! The man, who drank all day long, gambled and beat her and her mother when he lost — her biological father! Dexter Shaw! Her mother lost an eye and broke an arm under Dexter's prolonged domestic abuse, and Leia's tender back was horribly scarred by the beating. It all started because of the brutal Dexter. The man was worse than scum. He forced his wife to sell her body so he could gamble. He even wanted to sell his daughter for ten or twenty thousand dollars. She would have been sold if she had not been clever enough to escape. As scenes of her dark past emerged, Leia felt cold all over, and every cell in her body raised a defensive bramble against the homeless man. Despite recognizing w

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