Chapter 422 His Crush In His Younger Days Was Now By His Side

In the alley, many tourists were carrying various kinds of lanterns with happy smiles on their faces. It was the first time that Luke had taken the time to enjoy the festivities. Thousands of lanterns were strung under the eaves. They represented 'reunion.' Seeing that other tourists were carrying lanterns in their hands, Luke bought one for Bianca. The oval-shaped lantern was unique and had bright red roses wrapped around it. When the candle in the lantern was lit, it was as though the roses were brought to life. Outside the lantern, there were two mighty and domineering golden dragons wrapped around it. Under the candlelight, the golden dragons seemed to move. Bianca loved it! Luke smiled when he saw how happy Bianca was walking around with the lantern. "I never knew that the Light Festival is so lively." In the past, he had always spent the Light Festival working in the office. At most, he would go to the clubhouse with a few friends to h

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