Chapter 421 He Became Normal After Meeting Bianca

A chill went down Bianca's spine when she heard Luke's angry voice. Oops! She was so busy with work that she ignored his direct orders to not put too much pressure on herself. He also forbade her to stay in the company and work overtime. Bianca's voice was clear as day at the other line. "I'll be done in a while..." Luke kept quiet for a moment. Suddenly, his voice became louder by a notch as he said, "I remember that the tasks that I asked Bella to assign to you were relatively easy. Did she go against my instructions and increase your workload?" "No…" Bianca said embarrassedly, "The other colleagues are all busy, and it doesn't look good if I’m the only idle one. Besides, this urban reconstruction project is so important, and I can't take it lightly..." Looking at the thick stacks of documents, she held her phone with her left hand while her right hand moved the cursor reflexively. She continued working on the design. "If I didn’t call you, how long

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