Chapter 420 Her Heart Is Weeping

Bianca had been fully occupied since the urban reconstruction project with Vivi Group started. With consideration of Bianca's pregnancy, Luke worried that she would overwork herself, so he gave her the easiest tasks. However, Bianca insisted on doing her part and completing the backlog of work she had at hand. Although they kept a low profile, the employees of the design department were tacitly aware of Luke and Bianca’s relationship. Bianca might have proven herself time and time again since she joined the company half a year ago, but many thought that she had nothing remarkable except for her looks. She worked hard to prove her ability. In the morning, Bianca and her colleagues met with the upper management of A City's Bureau of Housing and Urban Development, Bureau of Land and Resources, Bureau of Planning, and so on. She took advice from the Urban Construction Department on how to upgrade and renovate the old town, discussed the work structure and flow, ana

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