Chapter 399 Why Did He Bring Bianca Into His Room?

Leia, immaculately dressed, was playing bridge with Allison and two of her other friends. The caretaker brought Old Master Crawford and the twins to the nearby park, and Susan was back at her parents' house. That was why Allison could gather her friends for a bridge session at Crawford Manor. "I win again!" Allison seemed to be lucky that day. She won the last few rounds in a row. She was the one who was laughing the loudest in the living room. "You're so lucky, Aunt Allison. You've won several rounds in a row. That's amazing," Leia said. "I'm done for the day. I haven't won a single round today." Mrs. Willow seemed unhappy. Allison grinned even wider when she heard Mrs. Willow's complaints. "Leia is my lucky charm. I used to lose more than I win whenever I play, but when Leia is here, I have a winning streak!" "I say, Allison, Leia is always here to keep you company whenever she's free. I think she's as close to you as a birth daughter. When is Luke going to propose to

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