Chapter 398 Luke Fed Her Medicine By Pinning Her Against the Wall!

Leia's eyes were suffused with an intense feeling of hatred. She got up from the couch and decided to go to Crawford Manor to look for Allison. That woman was shallow and materialistic. If Leia could appease her and impress Old Master Crawford through her, in addition to the help from her parents, Leia was sure that Luke would have no choice but to accede to their wishes. … T Corporation. After Johann performed an examination on Leia, he found that aside from the sprain on her wrist, there were no other injuries. On the other hand, her mental condition was not in a good state. After all, anyone would have been traumatized if they almost fell down from the 88th floor. Next, Johann did a psychological counseling session with Bianca and gave her some herbal remedies. After Luke confirmed that Bianca was calm, he allowed Johann to leave. Bianca had suffered from a shock. Luke did not allow her to go back to work but instead made her rest in the lounge of the CEO's offic

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