Chapter 400 The Seductress Was Pranked By the Twins...

Bianca had thought that the oil paintings in the living room of Crawford Manor and Luke's bedroom were antiques. She never thought that Luke was the one who drew everything. Bianca loved to paint too. She possessed talents in painting. She had studied oil painting when she was abroad, and her teacher had always praised her. However, painting was an expensive pursuit. Moreover, she was working while she studied, and she did not have the time and effort to paint. She gave up after a while. Whenever she walked past the art room and saw other boys and girls focusing on filling their canvases with colorful paints, she would nonetheless feel envious. Luke's imposing demeanor translated into unrestrained brush strokes in his vibrant and moving paintings. Just like him, the paintings were noble, elegant, and carried a hint of mystery… "If you like to paint, I can teach you when we're free." Luke opened a box of paints, mixed several colors, and placed a brush in Bianca's hand.

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