Chapter 387 The Wealthy and Merciless Luke Crawford!

Bianca handed the pregnancy tests to Sue. She waited outside the washroom worriedly instead of leaving. Sue's condition did not look too good. Bianca did not want to leave her alone. A few minutes later, Sue opened the washroom door. Her hand that was holding the pregnancy stick was trembling. Her face was silent and ashen. Bianca instantly saw the two red lines on the pregnancy stick… Her eyes widened, and her emotions became a mess. "Sue…" In the time Bianca was in the company, she had never heard that Sue had a boyfriend. Sue had always prided herself on being single. She even said that she wanted to devote her life to her career and not marry for the rest of her life. Why would she be pregnant suddenly? Sue's mind was blank. She looked visibly panicked. 'What is this joke that fate is pulling on me? I only had a one-night stand with a man because I was drunk, and I hit the jackpot? Is there another woman in this world as unlucky as I am?' "I'm really pregnant…

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