Chapter 388 Bianca Asks For Luke’s Help

At that time, it was still rush hour, and there were many vehicles on the road. With Luke's encouragement, Bianca started the engine. She drove cautiously, afraid of hitting another car, but she was even more afraid that others would bump into hers. She did not notice that almost all the cars on the road kept a safe distance from her. After all, that kind of luxury car was not something that everyone could afford. Even a small chip would cost them more than their car, so no one dared to bump into her unless they had a death wish. Bianca managed to drive smoothly even though the roads were slightly congested. She saw that Luke was not supervising her when she drove, and he closed his eyes as he rested. That man was mature, attractive, successful, and was a prominent figure. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was eagerly sought after by all the women in A City. She was really lucky to have such a perfect man. Even so, when she thought about Nina, Bianca deliberated for a

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