Chapter 386 Mr. Crawford’s Sudden Change In Demeanor!

"I'm not judging you, Sue, but it's just that your symptoms look very similar to what I went through when I was pregnant… I mean, a woman should be in charge of her own health. I think you should go to the hospital for a checkup." Bianca knew how helpless a woman could be when they became pregnant before marriage. Back then, she did not know that the father of the babies in her womb was Luke. She had thought that the father was some despicable old man, and that she would never forget the physical and mental torment she went through during her pregnancy. Bianca's words seemed to have convinced Sue. She rubbed her temples, trying to recall something. That night, she had gotten herself drunk at a bar and spent a wild night with a stranger. Her heart nearly stopped when she thought of that. 'That can't be. It's just one night. Why am I so unlucky?' Sue tried to deceive herself that it was not the case. She felt as though her head was going to explode. She felt another wave of

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