Chapter 375 Will You Marry Me, Bianca?

Luke hugged Bianca in his arms. He wrapped his strong arms around her delicate waist and showered her with indulgent kisses. The kisses that carried the fragrance of cream, cherry, and strawberry seemed to be especially tasty. Bianca was lost in the man's gentle kisses. His embrace was too warm, and the light was too gentle. Luke's long eyelashes seemed almost transparent under the light, and Bianca was moved by his unbelievably gentle expression. The kisses lasted for a very long time until Luke's hands started to reach beneath her shirt. Bianca came to her senses. "Luke, shall we… eat some cake for now?" The handsome man hugged her body dominatingly and said hoarsely, "All I want to eat now is you." Those words made Bianca's heart thump faster. Bianca noticed that the two children were not there. She pushed herself away from his embrace. "Um, let's finish the birthday celebration first… Where's Lanie and Rainie?" She had always been afraid whenever Luke looked at

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