Chapter 376 Luke Is Busy Every Day

The next day was Saturday. After Bianca and the children had breakfast, she brought them to meet their maternal grandfather. Luke wanted to go along, but he received an important call from the company and had to return to the office. He would join them for lunch later. Luke apologized to her, but Bianca thought that it was no issue. After all, Luke bore a lot of responsibility helming a multinational company. She felt sorry for Luke sometimes. As a wage-earner, she had two rest days every week. On the other hand, whenever Luke got busy, he could work days and nights without rest. Luke asked Lowry, his driver, to send Bianca and the two children over. Old Master Rayne lived in a scenic neighborhood in the Nordlong Lake district. The neighborhood was built near a mountain range and a lake, and the place had fresh air and beautiful scenery. It was far from the bustle of the city, but it boasted a complete range of amenities, including a hospital, a physiotherapy center, a park

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