Chapter 374 There Is Not A Happier Moment...

Bianca looked at Luke infatuatedly. The man whom she loved was like a perfect creation from heaven. His eyes, his nose, his lips, his silhouette; every feature was perfect. His character was cold and aloof, but he seemed so gentle when he smiled. Luke handed the bouquet of roses to Bianca and said, "Happy birthday." The roses were fresh in the middle of winter, and the bouquet was adorned with Canadian goldenrods. It was exquisite and beautiful. The roses of different colors were fragrant and elegant. It carried the meaning: All these colors say I love you. That will be my lifelong promise. Women are romantic creatures. They could not withstand the temptation of flowers. Bianca was shocked as she took the bouquet. "Thank you," she said, surprised. That was not the first time that she received flowers from a man. Jean used to give her flowers on special occasions to gain her favor, but her sentiments back then were different from now. Luke had a serious personality,

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