Chapter 373 The Warmth He Gave Her

Bianca wanted to stay the night with Nina, but Nina insisted that she leave. "The nurses at the hospital will be able to take care of me. You don't have to spend your entire day with me," Nina said. "Lanie and Rainie are still young, and they need their mother's company," she continued, "If you stay here, what should the kids do if they miss their Mommy?" Also, Luke had been calling Bianca non-stop. Bianca did not get to stay in the hospital but instead returned to Luke's mansion. She had just stepped into the mansion when she realized that something was amiss. However, she could not say exactly what it was. When she opened the front door, she was utterly shocked by what she saw! The entire house had transformed into a sea of flowers. The wall in the middle was decorated with balloons of all colors and shapes. Pink gauze fabric surrounded the living room, which added a romantic touch to the pastoral scene. An exquisite cake was placed in the middle of the table. T

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