Chapter 372 It’s A Surprise, But It’s A Pleasant One

Nina was still recovering from an operation and she could barely move. Her mother came to ask for money from her and was not even concerned about her wellbeing. Did Nina have any conscience? Did she deserve to be a mother? When the door opened, the people in the ward turned to look in that direction. Nina's eyes were full of pain and confusion. The young nurse looked visibly relieved. Anna gritted her teeth and became angrier. "Bea…" Nina said hoarsely. Her lips were dry and cracked. She sounded very aggrieved, like a bullied little animal who did not know how to retaliate. Bianca's heart wrenched when she saw Nina like that. She walked over and placed her handbag next to Nina's pillow. She wiped Nina's tears from her eyes and said, "Don't be angry. All you need to do now is rest. You shouldn't be agitated. That won't be good for your recuperation. Understand?" Before Nina could say anything, Anna's plump body waddled over. She pointed a finger at Bianca and sta

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