Chapter 367 If Bianca Became Mr. Crawford’s Wife…

The neon lights at night time were colorful, and the pale yellow light spilled into the warm interior of the Bentley Flying Spur through the windows of the car. The two babies were in the backseat, sleeping soundly while covered with a thin blanket. Luke drove in front and Bianca sat in the passenger seat. Her hand was under her chin as she looked at the illuminated billboards on the commercial street with something seemingly on her mind. "Does it still hurt?" Luke steered the steering wheel with his left hand and gently stroked the white gauze on Bianca's neck with his right hand. Then, his hand clasped her left hand tightly, as if transferring some of his strength to her. Bianca looked up at him and saw how worried the man looked. She shook her head slightly and recalled what had happened in Blue Honors. "I was just thinking how weird and odd things were today. Even if Leia's assistant hated cats, why would she inject it with bacteria? And I think that the girl looked very timi

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