Chapter 368 I Believe In Karma!

At the hospital. "I won't abort the child. Nobody can touch my child. I'll fight whoever lays a finger on it!" Nina protected her abdomen with her arms. She continually stepped backward like a panicked rabbit, trying hard to keep her distance from the doctors in white coats from nearing her. "I'm sorry, Ms. Langdon. We can't disobey Second Young Master Mallory's orders!" The eldest doctor said with an indifferent expression. It was not the first time that the doctor had performed abortions. In fact, he was quite experienced at it. Second Young Master Mallory was a playboy, and the doctor had performed many abortions for his women. She was not the first one, and she would not be the last. "Come out here, Pierre Mallory, you scoundrel!" Nina yelled hysterically. The strong doctors pinned down Nina's arms and legs. The room door suddenly opened, and Pierre came in with a beautiful woman with an arrogant demeanor next to him. When she saw Nina, she narrowed her eyes as th

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