Chapter 366 Cold-blooded Man!

Anger was clearly brewing on Leia's face at that moment. She stood up and walked in front of her assistant. Her sweet voice was mixed with a hint of coldness. "Tell me, do you have something to do with this? What did you do to the cat to make it crazy and hurt people?" "Miss… Ms. Norman, it wasn’t me. It really wasn’t me. You should know that after I received your call, I rushed to Blue Honors. I’ve been with you the entire time... Besides, when I went to the bathroom at that time, I didn't see a white cat at all. I’m being framed..." Her assistant shivered with fright as tears rolled in her eyes from being accused. Leia was disappointed that she was not going along with it. "You’ve worked with me for so long and you’ve always worked hard, but there’s one thing I don’t like about you. Your habit of lying. You’ve always known you have this habit and you still don’t want to change? What am I supposed to do with you? The surveillance video has shown everything clearly. You’re my assist

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