Chapter 363 Luke’s IQ Deteriorated To An Unbearable Extent

Fortunately, the middle-aged doctor had enough training with the second young master of the Mallory family and his heart was strong enough to take it. Otherwise, he would have been so frightened by the imposing man. Luke carefully rolled up Bianca's sleeves and revealed her fair snow-like skin. The middle-aged doctor was taken aback for a while. As a doctor, he had his fair chances of serving noble ladies from wealthy homes with superb skin, but the lady's skin in front of him blew everyone out of the water... It would not be an exaggeration if he said that her skin was as delicate as a baby’s. In addition to that, she had a complexion so fair that it could dazzle someone’s eyes... "Are you trying to lose your eyeballs?" Luke's cold rebuke was like a slap that suddenly shook the middle-aged doctor back to his senses. When he met the man's terrifying murderous look, he hurriedly lowered his head and did not dare to look at her again. Most men possessed a strong desire to own.

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