Chapter 364 Surveillance Footage, Things Coming To Light

When Luke heard the doctor's examination report, he was sitting on the sofa when his face as cold as an ice sculpture. He knew that the incident must have been set up by someone. He wondered who planned it and who the person was targeting. He wondered if the person was targeting someone else or was it Bianca. When he thought about the second possibility, Luke's dark and dim dark brown eyes burst with a cold light! At that moment, the senior manager responsible for monitoring the Blue Honors club also walked in. He had taken a screenshot of the surveillance video and showed it to everyone present. The video showed a woman in a chunky smoky-gray scarf that wrapped her entire face tightly. Her face could not be clearly seen and only her body was visible. She looked a little chubby and wore a brown windbreaker. She was holding a can of cat food and was trying to coax the white Persian cat into the washroom… When Bianca saw the woman’s figure, she was taken aback. At that time, she

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