Chapter 362 Extremely Pampering

The man’s familiar and scorching breath struck Bianca… The smell of his male hormones that made people feel at ease filled Bianca's nose. When she smelled the masculine and chilly smell from Luke's body as he held her neck tightly, Bianca's fear in her head slowly faded. She started to feel at ease. She had not felt anything before, but after she saw Luke, her sadness suddenly poured out like spring water. Bianca whispered, "Luke..." Luke hugged her tightly and sat on a nearby bench with Bianca on his lap. The man gazed over at the wounds on her neck, and the pain in his heart showed on his face. At the same time, there was an unquenchable hostility that lingered in his eyes! Bianca subconsciously covered the scratches on her neck with her hands because she did not want him to see her ugly wounds. Luke leaned forward to tuck a lock of her hair that was bouncing on her cheek behind her ear. After that, he lifted Bianca's tiny chin. "I look away for one second and you get yourse

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