Chapter 339 Hoisted by Her Own Petard

It was the first time that Jim and Percy had met Bianca. Bianca was beautiful like a pearl, and her femininity was unique. She exuded a motherly charm when she was patiently comforting the naughty Simon. Luke's eyes had been eagerly transfixed on Bianca's pure face the moment she appeared. That made Leia extremely jealous. "Daddy!" Simon held Bianca's hand, walked up to his father, and hugged his leg. "Daddy, I found this beautiful lady at the observation deck. She's Lanie and Rainie's mommy, and she's very nice. Can you find me a mommy as nice as her?" He happily introduced Bianca to his father. Jim pulled his son's ear and pretended to be angry. "You brat, I've found so many mommies for you, but they've all ran away because you keep pranking them. What makes you think that I'll find another one?" Simon pouted, covered his eyes, and pretended to cry. "Daddy, those women are ugly and stinky. They don't smell as nice as this lady. And, and… they're all wicked witches. They

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