Chapter 338 Luke Humiliated Her In Public!

In the event hall. "Cheers!" Three equally outstanding men with different appearances clinked their wine glasses together. They attracted the attention of many women around them. It could be said that the three individuals amassed the wealth of the entire A City. The first was Luke Crawford, the CEO of T Corporation, the second was Percy Mallory, CEO of Mallory Corporation, and the third was Jim Holston, the chairman of Holston Corporation. Not many people knew that the three people with different personalities were good friends in college. The three of them have maintained a close relationship since then. Luke's facial features were impeccable, and his temperament was calm and mature. His profound gaze was dangerous and penetrating, which caused men to tremble and women to be flustered. Even though the man was famous in the business circles inside and outside of the country, he had kept a clean-living image and was the top target of admiration for female socialites in A City

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