Chapter 337 Feeling Uneasy

Leia saw her reflection in the glass panel. The pure white evening gown with an oblique shoulder had a plunging V neckline that revealed her fair cleavage. The pleats behind revealed a large portion of her back. The gown also had a high side slit that caused her long and slender legs to move in and out of sight as she walked. With her pure looks and seductive gown, Leia believed that she was beautiful and bewitching. She nodded at herself, satisfied. She might look down on Charmaine's sexual habits, but she had to admit that Charmaine had great fashion sense. After many years of friendship, her fashion sense was influenced by Charmaine. The guests offered praise to Leia as she walked by. Some men even asked her for her number, which greatly satisfied Leia's pride. However, she was feeling extremely nervous, even more so than her shooting her first movie. Her heart thumped wildly as she looked at Luke, who was talking to some other people… She frowned. She needed a

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