Chapter 336 Get Luke In Bed With You

"You're overthinking it. There are so many people in the world who look like each other. Look at Leia. She has two stunt doubles at work that look like her… It's nothing out of the ordinary. If people who look alike are related to each other by blood, then there are so many pairs of long-lost parents and children in the world," Queenie said carelessly. Even when she said so, her gaze fell on the red wine in the glass. The bright red liquid seemed to reflect the defiant figure on the observation deck. The young woman named Bianca Rayne might look frail, but she was not easy to handle. Queenie's gaze returned to calmness. Bianca was an obstacle in her daughter's path to pursue happiness. Queenie would do anything so that her daughter was happy. She had owed too much to her birth daughter, who had left the world prematurely, and she would spend all her love and care on Leia. … After greeting several important guests, Leia sat next to the bar counter with her friend and ate

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