Chapter 335 She Might Have Mistaken Them for Mother and Daughter...

Bianca's eyes looked at Queenie, who was daintily sipping her tea! She no longer had any positive impressions of that woman. Bianca knew that many people opposed her relationship with Luke because of their mismatched statuses, but she did not expect that the woman whom she had met for the first time was already asking her to leave Luke on her own accord. "Whatever your motives might be, Mrs. Norman, I will not leave him," Bianca said coldly. She did not have any respect for Queenie. Queenie fiddled elegantly with her teacup, but her words were harsh. "Bianca, you are newly in love with Luke, and you might find that everything is romantic. However, you should know that falling in love is different from marriage. It's not a matter between two individuals but two families. "Luke is Allison Tanner's son, and I am good friends with Allison. I know her very well. She wouldn't agree to an unremarkable woman like you being introduced into the household. Without your parents' blessing

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