Chapter 334 Queenie Meets Bianca...

Leia clenched her fists. How could Bianca be a match with the outstanding Luke? Old Mr. Norman's eyes sparkled when he heard Luke's introduction of the woman. "Bianca Rayne? Is she the same person that designed my new house?" "Yes, Old Mr. Norman, I am the one who designed your house. If you have any feedback or suggestions about the design, you can contact me about anything." Bianca's tone was gentle and soft, which satisfied Old Mr. Norman greatly. 'Mm, this young woman is not bad. Not only is she courteous, but she's also modest about her talents.' Old Mr. Norman thought that Bianca was an extraordinary match for Luke. At the same time, Old Mrs. Norman noticed her granddaughter's unpleasant expression. From observing how Leia had never once looked away from the man, she knew that her granddaughter had a crush on Luke. However, when Luke said that the woman next to her was his girlfriend… Leia's expression darkened instantly, and that had made Old Mrs. Norman feel sor

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