Chapter 333 Bianca Seems Inexplicably Familiar

The woman who stood next to Luke was beautiful. Bianca was dressed in a purple evening gown. When she moved, she was as graceful as a flower. The shape of her eyes was like crescent moons whenever she smiled, and those eyes were sparkling like stars. Queenie had seen many outstanding young women, but the young woman in front of her felt somewhat familiar. What made Queenie most surprised was that the young woman's facial features looked similar to her when she was young… When Bianca saw Queenie, she also thought that the elegant middle-aged woman seemed somewhat familiar too. Queenie had gentle features. At the dinner party, her makeup and clothes hid her true age. Everyone thought that she was noble and friendly. "Welcome to Old Mr. Norman's 70th birthday party. This way, please…" Queenie greeted the young couple. Queenie was fond of Bianca because she thought that the young woman looked familiar. However, when her eyes fell on Luke, she was entirely captivated. The

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