Chapter 332 Her Heart Quivered Uncontrollably

Night fell, and a sky of stars shone over the earth. The outdoors might be thick with snow, but Millennia Hotel was brightly lit. Old Mr. Norman's 70th birthday party was held there. All the important figures from the business, political, and military circles were there. The hotel was decorated grandly with a gigantic crystal chandelier, a warm fireplace, and an extravagant mural. Old Mr. Norman sat straight, dressed in a classic suit. He carried the authority of a politician in each of his movements. He remained spirited even though he was old. Currently, the guests were offering their birthday wishes to him. Every guest in attendance was a socialite. Old Mr. Norman might have retired, but he was nonetheless influential in the political circle. Furthermore, his son Jack was also an important figure, and the guests were eager to suck up to him. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Norman were in the lobby greeting the guests. Queenie was in her element, while Jack was not very fond of suc

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