Chapter 331 Standing Up for His Woman!

"Get your manager here," Luke said. One of the sales clerks frantically went to the manager's office. Soon, the manager arrived on the scene. He was shocked when he saw Luke. Then, he bowed and said fawningly, "It's rare that you visit my little store, Mr. Crawford. Can I help you with anything? I'll get someone to wrap up anything that you want." Luke did not say anything. He opened his wallet. The selection of gold cards inside was dazzling. He picked out one and handed it to the manager. "Everything in the store." Sue's eyes opened wide. She wanted to applaud Luke. 'Wow, our boss is so cool! 'Not only is he incredibly generous, but he is also very protective. That'll show those despicable people!' "Alright, very well. Now, everything in the store belongs to you. You can do whatever you wish," the manager said excitedly. Then, the manager took the credit card away to process the transaction. "…" The sales clerks were speechless. Leia was silently seething. Why

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